A monkey riding a banana boat while trying to eat it!


Now that u r done imagining that and I have ur undivided attention, chew on something that has nothing to do with the title… hehe 😀

It’s a sizzling 38 degrees in Mumbai but trust me it feels like 44!! The sticky humid heat makes it’s way into everything it can possibly permeate, including everyone’s mindzzz…


“It’s a warm day.”
“It’s a day for an ice cream.”
“It’s a sunny day, and sunshine makes me happy.”
“I wish I could just go to the beeeeach and swiiiiiiiim”
“May be I can take an hour after work and get a foot massage.”
“Why the F$#@ is it so hot, it’s just Apriiiiiil!”
“I hope it gets cooler in the evening.…”

See, there are a million ways to look at your day..or your life.
After all, how you live your days is how you live your life. Anything that goes against our wishes, even if it’s just a slight change in the weather, is such a classic example of how and how much we’re affected by everything OUTside of us…just saying.

So, How’s your life going? 😉



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