Monkey see monkey do

Joker vs the guy who said this…

give more value

A lot of people seem to have said this, I have no clue who said it first. But when I read it for the first time, I was like, yea man, makes sense. When u give more value no matter what ur biz, ur customers are likely to return.

And that’s what I did, I always gave more. But sometimes it felt like it was being taken for granted instead of being appreciated. It is a tricky balance to maintain I tell ya!
And then this guy came along…


…and I was like…

Horrified Jim Carey
firstly coz…well,look at him! He’s terrifying   ( ❤ Heath Ledger, sigh)
Secondly, he’s right!
Most of u may agree that people don’t always value what they get for free. It’s almost like they don’t realise its worth until they’ve paid for it in some way.
Being the best agent of chaos, the joker proved his worth (in his own unconventional ways) and then charged people a fortune for his services. hmm. So his agenda aside, may be in real life the key is the element of surprise. 
So, u give ’em a taste of what u can offer and then charge ’em an arm and a leg (don’t u dare underestimate ur worth +taxes), once they know u r worth it. When that’s done u add a few different flavoured popcorns to their bucketCoz surprises work only when no one sees them coming, right?
Go on, find ways in which u can add value in the form of something they didn’t expect.
It’s the “TA-DA” moments that make the HCM in all of us go crazy with joy, give it a shot! 😀


Gratitoode for Image and Gifs:

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