Monkey see monkey do

Sunday always comes on Sunday

If Sunday came on Wednesday, would it be Sunday?
Can fish fly?
Can an apple be an orange?
Does a Chinese speciality restaurant serve spaghetti bolognaise?
That’s because everything is true to its nature. Everything and everyone is unique. Yet another cliche that is so true. (how many cliches do u know that r not true? Thinking? Hang on, that’s a biscuit we’ll bite another day)
Then, why… may I ask, do we insist that we become less than what we can become or different than who we are meant to be?
When we push ourselves or others into certain socially pleasing moulds under the pretext of knowing what’s better for us or them, what are we really trying to do?
Why don’t u order pasta from the Chinese place around the corner and complain when he puts soy on ur lasagne. No, really, go on. Make a good argument about why he shud know better! Now this, u won’t do. But u r ok with dragging ur corpse thru 5 longer than 24 hour days of dispassionate ‘work’.
If the only two days u reheheaally look forward to in ur week are saturday n sunday, it’s time to find out what it is u r really after

Unless u r ok with being this… baniwi. which is just confusing, and Not true.
And also, HCMs love only 100% pure bananas, no pretend fruit please 😛

Image Credit: Nat Geo

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