Monkey see monkey do

A gift from yesterday for tomorrow.

Well, u already know that no matter how hard u try ur Past can’t be ur Present.
(Thank God for that in most cases right!?)

But, ur Past can be A Present.
U’ve got it, the gift of wisdom that comes from swinging off branches that break! Life is all about perspectives anyway: u may be stuck with ur past but u need not be stuck IN IT.
Whoever u r today is the awesome result of all the monkeying around u did or didn’t do in all ur yester-days.
become ur own monkey

And since today is tomorrow’s past, right now u get to choose what kind of a Present u wanna give urself tomorrow, isn’t that awesome?
so for today here’s my present for the HCM in u..a hug 🙂

giphy monkey hug

U r not ur past, U r not ur future. U r what u do today.

Gif credit: giphy

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