Monkey see monkey do

A lesson from the skiing ostrich.

They say If u r not growing u r dying.

The human existence is all about growth and that can come in many shapes n sizes.
(ideal case scenario: ur waist isn’t the one that’s growing, unless u r pregnant, in which case again..growth is goooood!) hehe

Pain or trauma pushes us to grow. But other than that, growing is a choice we must make on a daily basis, it doesn’t just happen automatically. And the most obvious way to grow is to learn. Expand ur horizons, acquire new skills, train ur brain, do pushups for ur soul!

And if u can’t pick one thing u really wanna learn, just Learn the skill of Learning. It’s the best gift u can give urself.
Learn to learn, to grow.
Learn, to learn to grow.



skiing ostrich Credit: funnyjunk


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