Monkey see monkey do

Is ur Monkey a Headless Chicken?

So how busy are u today? Lemme guess, reeeeally busy. U’ve got (to pretend) to do so much that there is not time left to actually do what needs to be done, right?
Don’t feel bad, most of us do exactly that. We fill our days with seemingly important stuff when the actions that propel us towards our real goals are struggling to make it to our to-do lists. (the clueless coward syndrome) And we all have our own unique reasons (code for excuses) for our inabilities.
But get this:

Now is all u’ve got. If u r taking ANY (namely Baby or Massive) Action in the direction of ur goals now, only then r u really moving forward. Else ur life will always look like this…



  1. Stop running around like a headless chicken.
  2. Find out what u want
  3. Make a note of the one thing u can do today towards achieving it
  5. Read this blog for more monkey sarcasm
  6.  Repeat on a daily basis.


Gif Credit Tumblr

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