Monkey see monkey do

Scarcity sandwich and a glass of whine.

Sometimes I feel like some folks live between two slices of scarcity.
I have a relative who sounds like this:
The morning slice “Yawwwwn, I slept so badly and so litttle!”
And the night slice “Damn, didn’t finish this, didn’t mail that…didn’t get those 42 tasks done!”
Then there is the “not enough” butter that spreads throughout her day… “gosh, I don’t have enough time to say hello to u right now, these dodos just aren’t smart enough for me to rely on, this stupid assignment doesn’t pay enoughhh, S#%!, it’s 7:30 already, I’m never gonna finish this!”
So basically, what I’m trying to say is, if everything, all the time, is ‘pfft’how is anyones day gonna get better…. ever?!

Put down that glass of WHINE. 

It’s true that energy flows where attention goes, or in Harv Eker’s words, “What u focus on expands!” So make a gratitude sandwich and make it big!

  • Name two things, just TWO things u r grateful for right now.
  • Say Thank u, and do this every single time u find something to complain about.
  • Look, the HCM in u is dancing already 😀 Bring on the bananas!

dancing monkey gifI’m taking the 7 days NO complaining challenge by Harv, join in!

Gif gratitoode

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