Monkey see monkey do

Don’t die before u r dead.

My Mum’s youngest brother passed away on Saturday night.
62 years of love, joy and generosity ended by a cardiac arrest.
A builder by profession, an artist by genetic lineage, a passionate happy crazy monkey by choice.
He made life big and he made mistakes too, like everyone else.
But the one thing he did most awesomely was connect people.
He was the most enthusiastic and loving friend one cud have!

People came in hundreds, they came home to meet my aunt and cousin, they came for the prayer meet that happened yesterday. And all of them spoke about his giving heart and loving soul. He was that kind of a person, he would volunteer and then go out of his way to help anyone. He’d take us all…family and friends and extended families too, on lunches and dinners and picnics and holidays. He’d make the time to do thoughtful things for his loved ones even when he was facing his battles. When I started my own holistic guidance seminars he was the first person to organise it in three more cities, without any help from me! He believed in me and he would do everything he could to make my dreams a reality.
In those hundreds who turned up, even those associates who were a source of stress for him, those who had had major business disagreements leading to fallouts, spoke of him affectionately. Their kind words had come a little too late though, some of them held their regrets in their hearts while others pledged their support to his family, vowing to continue the efforts of my uncle to carry on the legacy of my late grandfather (an accomplished music composer in Marathi Filmdom)
Isn’t death a very high price to pay for some people to realise what a person is worth?!

mama mami @ wildernest
My uncle Vinay and my aunt Mrunal during one of our fun holidays! 🙂

My uncle LIVED, he really lived his life! Everyone misses him now.
Life goes on.
For me- his faith in me, my talents and even in my beliefs and his love for me is a big part of the HCM in me. In the book I had once begun writing, I have a dedication in the gratitude section… “to my uncle Vinay and aunt Mrunal, my spiritual ushers, who do more than their part to ensure I stay on the path of my soul’s purpose”

Here’s wishing peace and joy and one helluva heavenly ride to my uncle Vinay…one of Happiest Craziest Monkeys I’v had the honor and pleasure of knowing! XO.

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