Monkey see monkey do

Your Stories vs your Stuff

Question: Why should I collect more experiences than things?
Answer: How many fun tales u’ve shared with ur loved ones or at parties have begun with, “U remember the time I bought that mansion in Miami…” and how many have begun with, “Remember that road trip…” or “…that time we went dancing” or even “…that night we got so wasted..”

let's have fun

Life is a collection of memories, stories that will make ur time on this planet worthwhile. And reminiscing is a source of pure joy!
Collect moments of love u’ll want to relive, have accidents u’ll laugh ur teeth off at even years later, make joyous connections with amazing people u’ll want to rekindle…
Go, pack ur toothbrush. And of course your towel if u count Douglas Adams as one of ur best friends. And if u just can’t do without owning any possessions, do urself a favor and own a copy of “The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” U can thank me later.

Image gratitoode shire kids

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