Questionable Answers

Virtually Insane Reality

I went off facebook almost 7 years ago.


I felt like I was being watched all the time. Worse, I felt like everyone wanted a piece of me…if people weren’t asking me about how the choco mocha cake at the birthday bash of an acquaintance I went to 3 nights ago was, they’d be on my case about not reading their posts,”What?! it’s on my page! Read it already, I’ve got 125 likes u know!” And I’d constantly have to keep up with the schedules of people who knew me through someone who knew someone I worked with, while they flew out of kolkatta airport with a cup of their fav caramel machiato, shopped for flip-flops at a local market in Istanbul, or finally met their friend of seventeen years from their school in Dehradun along with their friend’s mum in law who had no connection whatsoever, with ME. I didn’t/don’t/will never have the patience/ enthusiasm/ inclination to sort and fix ‘permissions’ for whether the manager of the studio I record at once in a while should be able to see which salon I got my red highlights done at, just coz the friend I got them with tagged me! It was all a bit much for the happy crazy monkey in me who loved being free of irrational expectations or judgements!

I still don’t tweet or instagram or snapchat or whatever else is done today! And I don’t judge people who do. Coz I know people who leverage social media very smartly for promoting their biz, and it works fabulously!

really-loved-thinking-of-you-ecard-someecardsBut I do have a question for those who read on the internet, ‘six signs to tell your husband is cheating on you’ and believe the ‘last seen’ status on whatsapp more than the word of their own partner, those who believe the tweets that create an invisible but palpable divide amongst communities or even friends, and explode into ‘online battles’ defending their right stand! And those who don’t admit but know that they feel pressurised to ‘like’ the posts of a person they despise just coz 27 other people from their team liked his post and he is their boss! All my friends cribbed and complained that they wouldn’t be able to stay ‘in touch’ if I went off fb, but I did that anyway. Coz *Dunbar’s number may be 150 but mine seems to be a lot smaller than that!!

7 years later, all the jokes about how life has moved online and how we are losing the human connection element and how the internet has made us more vulnerable, are done with. And even today, I hear so many people say that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep oneself ‘safe’ online and how they can’t be their authentic selves online coz there is too much to lose…

…then who are u online, isn’t it too much work to be someone u r not?  And have u actually gone out and got more ‘friends’ online with whom u CAN’T be ur true self?

Does this sound weird or or am I the only one confused?

*Dunbar’s number: the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person.

GIF courtesy: Twitter@MattNavarra
Someecards, thanks for the comic.
‘Liking’ Image courtesy datamation comic


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