Monkey see monkey do

The Negative is important.

Na, I don’t mean negative in terms of attitude towards life.
What I mean is this- In my field of work, I am a voice dubbing professional, we have all kindsa clients (Agencies/ producers/ end clients themselves):
Clients who know what they want- they come with specific ideas in their heads about how the voicing artist should sound and insist that the correct pronunciation is ‘mischiev-i-ous’ in the one ad they are making that they think deserves a Cannes Lion!

whaddoo i choose, whaddoo i choose?!?!?

Then there are clients who come with the ‘let’s try to dub this ad in a 176 different ways so we can confuse everyone with more than necessary options’ attitude. And yea, u wanna smack ’em on their noggin.


Zzz….oh oh, have they approved any option yet?

And then there are those the ‘representatives of the clients’ who have no clue what they want, and so it can go either way…it can go great if they are receptive, so the other experienced people on the job like the sound engineer, producer and voicing talent can help them understand what might work best for their requirement OR it can go horribly terribly badly coz then this clueless person insists on recording many options and sending them to their team or boss who are away on a holiday, which means the approval time for such recording sessions is just an endless void of waiiiitiiinggg…..AARGH!

But the one thing that cuts through all of this, the one thing that helps us all achieve the goal of doing our job well and quickly is what we call the NG take.
The NG stands for no good, and take stands for one of the options that has been recorded. So basically we record at least one option which is faaaaar from the client’s requirements and we present the best take along with this NG take to the client so that when they listen to both the options, the NG take makes the best take sound even better!!
This helps them realise that the best take actually fits their requirements quite well, thus getting the job done faster- win-win! 😀
Not like it takes tragedies to appreciate the happy days but more like….it takes a hot summer to enjoy the first rain even more!!
The NG stuff helps at times, wouldn’t u say? oooo yes it does.


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