Monkey see monkey do

Prime. And how. Especially if u r a lazyass like me.

Priming is very important. It’s like the alcohol swab before the doc gives u a shot. If u prime or prepare someone to receive whatever it is they’re gonna get, they receive it better coz they r prepared to receive it!

It isn’t just about anticipation, but also about mental readiness.

For instance, taking ur kids on a road trip: if u were to tell them that it takes 5 hours to get where u r going, a couple of times before u hit the road, they r more likely to not hound u with , “are we there yet?” within 20 minutes of starting from home!
We do this all the time with my niece. She’s 8 now, and she has surprised us with her readiness to handle even the most tedious tasks!
A little bit of mental preparation goes a long way.
And this is true in every area of life. Let’s say u wanna go the gym, but u seem to be facing ‘ignition’ trouble, u know the inertia-to-momentum shift at the beginning of things we need to push ourselves to do. Here’s what cud help: psyching urself with inspiring videos, affirmations and quotes or getting ur friends to get on ur case if u refuse to go to the gym (I’m sure they’d love kicking ur butt) But, seriously, if u repeatedly keep telling urself  ‘That’s what I wanna look like, I’m doing this!” I bet u r gonna end up at the gym next morning! After all everything starts in that noggin’ of urs, why not spend some time getting ready in ur head rather than just prepping for it by buying a sexy new gym outfit? (u shud do that too, I mean, come on…u gotto look hawtt! hehe)

do the pushup
“Damn, I’m gonna be the hottest hcm babe ever!!!”


Image thanks to what I am guessing is a sports company, I just found this image with no original source! but it’s the best, ain’t it?

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