Monkey see monkey do

Who’s ur BFF?

Let me ask u : Which relationship in ur life do u think will last the longest? U may say ur spouse/ partner or anyone closest to u, right?
Naturally, someone u consider ur bff.. the one who knows u, is protective of u, doesn’t allow u to make a fool of urself. He/She’s always there, warning u when u r about to bite off more than u can chew. Making sure u don’t aim for goals u r incapable of achieving so that u don’t fail. Sound familiar?

But when u step outside of urself u realise this friend is actually a mean little pessimistic, judgemental, over smart, ass of a critic whose only job is to pull u back.
How and why do u even put up with this person?
I’ll tell u why: coz this person is ur own little voice. The one that’s inside ur head. The voice of so called ‘reason’ that in reality is the negative conditioning u’ve had over the years, the pressures of ur so called society, the fears of what people might say if u did this or that, the loud criticisms of all those u thought were ur well-wishers, all those bad experiences that u let take a part of u away, all those times u tried and failed and felt ashamed instead of being proud coz u had the courage to try!!
Smack that snarky little prick. NOW.

The absence of talents or skills is not why most people don’t live their dreams, it’s the overpowering presence of this little voice that stops them from dreaming big in the first place.

I had an amazing time at a seminar recently, by the awesome Blair Singer (advisor to Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki) Blair is passion personified! His commitment to extract the best from each and every participant in the room is phenomenal. If u don’t know him already, go get to know him!! And he has even written a book on Mastering the Little Voice, “public enemy no.1′ as he calls it! oh, he is so right.

Here’s the answer to the question I asked u earlier: the only relationship that will last as long as u live is ur relationship with urself

So, seriously what on earth are u doing with this no-good thing inside ur head?!
Uninstall it and put in a new BFF 2.0! 😀

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