Monkey see monkey do

“What’s in a name?” said Kalidasa

I’m sure Shakespeare won’t mind the title coz he doesn’t seem to care much for names, but try telling that to Emily here…

So, what is in a name?
Do u like ur name? I’m not particularly fond of mine. Firstly coz it’s quite common in my part of the country and oddly enough, people still don’t say/spell it right. Dodos.

But come to think of it, a name could mean so much.
I used to call my ex hubby by his name when I’d get mad at him, no lovey-dovey nicknames till I calmed down. I did that coz I wanted him to know I was upset, but by not addressing him with the names of affection I usually used for him, I was creating distance between us; a gap that grew more and more every time, making it tougher to be close again. And the patch-ups got increasingly difficult coz each of us would come up with a ridiculous demand like this:

Ok, not really. But the distance-gap part is true.
On the other hand there are certain people who say a name, any name and they just own it! u know what I’m saying?! U just wanna hear ’em say ur name, coz it’ll sound soooo right! 😀

Raise ur hand if u believe words r powerful! Well, names are words too..words that are highly charged with the strong emotions they are being used to express, and they can transform our lives!

my squishy

Just remember the name (of affection…or not) ur Mum/loved one used to call u when u did something good as a child…Imagine them saying it over and over again…doesn’t it feel fantastic? Don’t ur lips break into the sweetest smile when u play it back?
That’s coz ur name..nickname or official name or any other name that was ever uttered by anyone that matters to u, that name is alive. And it can give u the strength of a thousand bulls or the wings of a soaring eagle!

So I guess a rose with any other name would still smell as sweet, but when u put a face to that name, a voice to that face, and emotions to that being, u can’t trivialise the importance of what the sound of that name means when it comes from a loved one. Sometimes we just end up calling certain people random names outta fun or affection. And over a period of time, u notice that people actually grow into the names u’ve given them…so pick ’em wisely..ur people AND their names, okay? Thank U, u happy crazy Monkey 🙂


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