Monkey see monkey do

Losing ur mind at the speed of time?

Why is time in such a big hurry? And why is my mind running away with it!
I am all over the place. Have u been all over the place sometimes?
Scattered, distracted, far from focussed? Very often I find my mind wandering the imaginary alleys of my future, parallel universes even! At times I find it frozen in the darkness of the void that is my past..not even realising how often what I am doing is coming entirely from what happened or what I wish would happen, instead of what is. And then when I meet myself again, another day is gone. And alllll this, after being aware, and practising ‘conscious living’ earlier! pfft.


Today, I’m gonna be here.
Today, I’m gonna be present in everything I do.
My day today will be a conscious choice, every moment will have my undivided attention and love. I will do what I must with complete awareness so at the end of the day, I won’t wonder where my hours went. I won’t end up feeling the way I don’t like feeling, or beating myself up for not having done enough. The thing Happy Crazy Monkey has been very sad lately..too many illnesses and deaths in my close circle. Add to it the uncertainty of my future, thanks to the fact that I have given my power away to other people, u can imagine how frantically the monkey is hopping around in my head. But none of these reasons is good enough to lose it, coz no one is losing my time but me (or my mind! :P)

Think about it (although not too much) what are we doing when we lose time: we are overthinking stuff, a nasty habit we acquire as we grow up. And then we do a shoddy job of thinking about something we are not doing AND doing something we are not thinking about!
never-half-ass-two-thingsTime runs only when we don’t pay attention. And that can be changed right away. Coz the most wonderful thing about time is it cannot be wasted in advance! No matter what has happened before, u still have the choice to do what u wish with ur now. And hey, if u can keep ur mind, time will behave too.

So mind it, fully.


Image thanks to SWIHA

2 thoughts on “Losing ur mind at the speed of time?

  1. “The most wonderful thing about time is it cannot be wasted in advance”… seriously u r too good..keep inspiring 😊


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