Monkey see monkey do


In this age of social media madness, where everyone is always ‘connected’ there seems to be a discomforting increase within us, the increase of the fear of being alone. People are constantly making time to catch up with all the nonsense from other peoples lives just so they don’t feel left out! The FOMO : fear of missing out is quite real.
Look around u, if a person is waiting for someone at ur local starbucks they can’t just sit there being themselves. They have to look down at their gadget! People can’t just be seen looking around, they feel they’ll be perceived as weirdos if they sit there and have coffee!!
But here’s the thing, if u aren’t comfortable being alone even for a while, u will eventually end up feeling lonely. Coz the only one, longest running relationship u’ll have till ur dying day is with urself.
Imagine the irony, we feel lonely when alone, almost like we aren’t good enough to be with our own selves! We don’t enjoy spending time with ourselves and then we expect the world to like being with us. We seek external validation for everything including our very existence. We breed insecurity as if it were gonna make us rich! And in this never ending chase to be included we end up excluding ourselves from our own lives.
No one ever said, “Know everything  about all ur friends and u’ll have it all”
But a whole lot of great minds did say this….
Know thyself quotes collage getyoursmileon blogAnd there is only one way to know urself, and that is by being with urself. Alone time isn’t just good, it is essential. It’s ur space to unwind, ur time to recharge…it’s rejuvenation on so many levels!
And in my case, my alone time is for the safety of my loved ones 😉 teeheehee
If u know someone who is content with just being, or if u are that someone, u are a rare species. A big hug to u!
The rest of u, here’s another ironic statement: come join us in enjoying being alone! Well, u can’t be alone with someone, but u can get very lonely. So choose ur connections, be picky about whom u give ur time to, it is THE most precious thing u’ll ever have.

In the words of Warsan Shire “My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”

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