Monkey see monkey do

Take a break, from your thoughts.

Don’t u get tired of ur own thinking sometimes? I do.

I needed to break free from my limited, times penalising myself kinda thinking, so I said to myself, “This train of thought is heading for the wrong station, get off it now! Remember, the longer u keep at it, the deeper and stronger ur thoughts and ur habits are gonna get. And we all know how tough it is to come back from those bad habits. Don’t get loopy!” (pun intended)
As neuroscience explains it: The nerve cells in our brain fire and wire together when a thought is formed. And the longer and more frequently we think the thought the stronger the wiring becomes, making a long lasting connection between the firing neurons. It’s like turning on X light bulb with X switch. Unless u connect that wire to another light, no matter what u do, this switch will turn on only this light. And in order to understand which light ur thinking is turning on inside ur head, u’ve gotto watch ur thoughts! Coz only then can u interrupt the thought process (that is not conducive to ur progress) and rewire ur thinking.

So, take a deep breath and give urself a much deserved break from ur own thoughts. Especially if u r feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, just press pause. Stop being the Thinker and become the Observer for while. Watch and learn, U r the best subject of study for urself!
And after u r done studying the monkey, join me in observing the Observer. Teeheehee. But that’s a fun thing to do another day! 🙂



Light switch by Uijun Park on dribble

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