Monkey see monkey do

Finally found out how the greats did it in the same 24 hours you and I have!

I had a teacher in school who’d always say, “Don’t tell me u don’t have time, even Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Gandhiji had 24 hours and look at what they achieved!” And back then in my head I’d be like, “well, their mom didn’t make them do the dishes!”

But it’s true, what my teacher said. We all have the same 24 hours and yet some of us just never seem to have enough time. That’s coz we’re always trying to cram more into the limited time we have, when instead we should be focussing on getting more done. What’s the difference u say? It’s like Sadhguru says: Life is time + energy. We all have a finite amount of time. We may have set 24 hours in a day but we don’t know how many days we have in terms of our time in this body. So managing time isn’t something we can really do. What we can do though is manage our energy right.
not lazy
Think about it, we all ARE ENERGY. And for the sake of appealing to our left brains let’s categorise this energy into four types:
Our physical energy: which literally means the energy our body has.
Our mental energy: which is our capacity to understand things practically or rationally.
Then we have our emotional energy: which is our capacity to care and empathise and feel for our world.
And we have our spiritual energy: which is essentially our moral compass.
Go ahead and mess up any one of these..sleep less than 4 hours and u’ll notice how ur performance drops drastically, how u lose focus! Get into a fight with a loved one and u’ll notice how u can’t do ur best coz u r preoccupied by what’s disturbing u. Say, under societal pressure, u decide to do something u don’t agree with in terms of values. Do that and watch how ur conscience won’t let u sleep at night. Do any of these sound familiar?

Answer this: Let’s say u r scheduled to undergo a bypass surgery, and ur surgeon walks in fresh from a fight with his wife, has had less sleep the previous night and he’s still shaking from his angry encounter with the Board of Directors of the hospital.
Would u let this surgeon touch ur heart?
Hell no!! Coz there’s no guarantee what he’ll do inside ur chest when he’s not a 100% FUNCTIONAL.

minion surgeon
err..where did u say the heart is?

So here’s what u can do, today onwards: Imagine that u r a cardiac surgeon, and treat everything u do like it’s an operation! All ur tasks, ur duties, ur responsibilities, ur work, ur fun, ur play…eeeeverything, do it like a person’s life depended on it- coz it does, urs!
And once u value what u do, u’ll realise that u can’t just do things coz u have to, instead u’ll wanna do things at a 100%! With all ur love, all ur heart, and all ur energies in congruence. And that means, u’ll wanna get enough rest and exercise to be a 100% physically, u’ll wanna learn more so u can be faster and better at what u do! U’ll wanna solve problems, become more understanding and compassionate with everyone around u so that u can have complete emotional peace, and u’ll wanna live by the values u believe in so that u can have complete peace of mind.

So yet again it’s Quality vs Quantity. And when u make ur years count, 24 hours will be more than enough, won’t they?


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