Questionable Answers

No free wi-fi, are u kidding me?

I traveled for another fantastic seminar recently. Called the Guerilla Business Intensive designed by T Harv Eker. And we were trained by one of the leading internet marketers Alex Mandossian for 3 whole days. It was an awesome experience! Came back all charged up, ready to market my new clothing line, which I’ll tell u about later.

During my stay at the Sheraton Grand in Bengaluru, I discovered a lot of my colleagues who were unhappy about the ‘No Free wi-fi even for residents’ policy of the hotel. It was shocking for us all that a 5 star business hotel wouldn’t offer free wi-fi when almost all other hotels of it’s category and lower were more than happy to! For some it was almost appalling, they couldn’t imagine how they’d get any work done and expressed their frustration about how the higher than normal tariffs felt like a rip-off. And at breakfast one day, as one of my colleagues couldn’t help but complain to me about the hotel being unfair, he asked the stewardess to bring him bottled water. She acknowledged by responding that it would be chargeable. (Apparently bottled water is not included in the buffet breakfast!) To which my colleague replied, “Yes of course, please bring me a bottle.”
In that moment I saw the evidence of how much is wrong with our world! We don’t expect to get clean water for free…in fact we don’t mind paying for water, but we get all riled up when we are expected to pay for Wi-fi?! hmm. What’s next?




Image credit: Psychclub


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