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What type of human are you?

We humans are so typical, we love to label, categorise and ‘typecast’ everything and everyone. We have common descriptors like ambitious leader, lazy dog, shy girl, pasty skin, shrill voice… In medical psychology there’s the theory proposed by two cardiologists of Type A and Type B personalities, and a Type D too. Then we have the enneagram types: 9 of them, and Carl Jung’s 4 dichotomies that yield 16 different personality types! And let’s not forget the ever popular 12 Zodiac signs.
What? Astrology is a science for some šŸ˜‰

Although the purpose of these is to help us understand people better, some times I feel we do the exact opposite: we try to force people into these limiting definitions! We even take fun tests online that tell u “Which FRIENDS character are you?” or “Which animal were you in your previous life?” Admit it, u’ve enjoyed taking at least one such test! So while our need to understand others drives us to slot them into various compartments, it limits us from expecting them to be better than we think, or even accepting them if they act differently!

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 9.50.48 AM
People can surprise u. U can be blown away by the amazing capacity of ur own child if u give them a chance and stop saying, “That’s how he is, he never listens!” or “Na, she won’t be able to do that!” Or ur colleague who u labelled as ‘will do anything to get to the top’ can surprise u by helping someone without wanting the credit for it! It can happen. If you get ur head out of the ‘Oh, I know this one so well’ illusion!

So what TYPE of human are u? The one who labels people or the one who knows that people are awesome and even Type A personality Scorpions can be peace loving and not competitive! šŸ˜€


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