Helllllooooo, welcome to my crazzzy world where nothing u’ll ever get will be sugar coated, and some things u may GET, others…perhaps after a few trips around the sun or your local bar, whichever is closer. And some other things, such as gifts, u may want to Give Me for confusing u or for making u smile 😀 (I intend doing both) But we’ll do all that later coz first u need to understand the legend for this awesome blog:

HCM :Happy Crazy Monkey
Any person or dog or cat or plant,etc that has unleashed the joy within, the kinda happiness that needs no reason to exist, someone who’s happy just coz they woke up this morning, like ME!
If u r looking for life changing pearls or rubies of wisdom that lead to AHA moments or epiphanies, look someplace else. NOW. (u still have time, run!)
But if u just wanna be truly happy and burst at ur seams with madness, go full throttle on life and never regret a single moment, stick around 😀

Now if u still wanna know who I am…
I’m Prachi, I am a voicing artist and I sing jingles, I’ve been a radio show host (in Mumbai, India and Dubai, UAE) but I quit coz they were making me unhappy with their obsession with something I wasn’t obsessed with 😛
I am a trained personal counselor, a Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming. I have basic level training in Integrated Clinical hypnotherapy and accelerated learning skills. I am also an experienced trainer/ life skills coach, having conducted holistic guidance seminars. And I have a deep deep deeep love for food and travel.
And none of this means that anything written here on this blog will be SANE.
Coz when it comes to people, I prefer the HCMs inside us all.
Wanna come unleash urs? 😀