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What type of human are you?

We humans are so typical, we love to label, categorise and 'typecast' everything and everyone. We have common descriptors like ambitious leader, lazy dog, shy girl, pasty skin, shrill voice... In medical psychology there's the theory proposed by two cardiologists of Type A and Type B personalities, and a Type D too. Then we have… Continue reading What type of human are you?

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No free wi-fi, are u kidding me?

I traveled for another fantastic seminar recently. Called the Guerilla Business Intensive designed by T Harv Eker. And we were trained by one of the leading internet marketers Alex Mandossian for 3 whole days. It was an awesome experience! Came back all charged up, ready to market my new clothing line, which I'll tell u… Continue reading No free wi-fi, are u kidding me?